Maċa Interview (Fiddle, guitar, bodhran)

Episode 89 · February 15th, 2021 · 1 hr 32 mins

About this Episode

Buying your first guitar with your confirmation money. Playing 182 tunes in two hours. Winning Réalta agus Gaolta. Cutting your teeth in Raglan Road Orlando. Finding a mentor in Kíla's Rónán Ó Snodaigh. Translating the craic. Avoiding the abyss of lockdown and a casual Disney Princess flex.

In this episode Maċa play:

Devil's Den
Something Blue
Feel Like Home
Call On You

Buy Maċa's new album 'Spiral' here:

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Catch Maċa live during the Irish Music Magazine's St. Patrick's Day From Home Facebook Live gig.

Finally here's that link to the Paddy Glackin and Jolyon Jackson 'Hidden Ground' album I mention at the top of the podcast. NOT TO BE MISSED!

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Saoirse, Naoise and Ciara thank you so much for everything getting this chat together. Legends!



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