Episode 81 · December 20th, 2020 · 1 hr 9 mins

About this Episode

All the best of the tunes and songs from the last year of Blarney Pilgrims Podcast. And by way of thanks, the conferring of titles on the Patron Saints who've supported the podcast over the last year and a half.

'Out of the blue, maybe thirty, forty birds come and they all start singing beautiful, that was the feeling it had like, you know...'

Thank you, above all, to the musicians who were so generous to chat with us over the past year.
Featured in this episode...

Karen Dolan - Calliope House and Fi's Frolics
Aifric Boylan - The Golden Castle / Mickey Callaghan's Fancy
Daithi Gormley - My Love is Fair and Handsome and The Maid of Mount Cisco
Kevin Crawford - Old John's and The Longford Tinker
Luke Plumb - The Cornerhouse, The Lady's Pantalettes and The Bird in the Bush

Jack Brennan - Garrett Barry's Jig
Caity Brennan - Roll Out The Barrel / Christmas Eve / Castle Kelly
Catherine McEvoy - East of Glendart / The Green Fields of Woodford
Theresa O'Grady - The Milky Way (Vincent Broderick)
Ken Fleming - three polkas, one unnamed and The Blackwater 1 and 2

Eoghan O'Ceannabhain - A song Eoghan learned from his father and grandmother - Meiriceá
Merran Moir - The Longford Collector / Castle Kelly
Úna Monaghan - Mammy's
Mick Doherty - The Stack of Barley and The Bantry Bay Hornpipe

and finally, to finish,
Bush Gothic (from June 2019)
Joe Fitzgerald - Andy's Gone With Cattle

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