Jeremy Keith Interview (Mandolin)

Episode 43 · April 1st, 2020 · 1 hr 20 mins

About this Episode

Jeremy Keith is the founder and keeper of, probably the greatest irish music resource in the world. And this episode hopefully has something of the generous essence of that archive. We flow, from The North as a different planet to Galway as the centre of the '90s slacker world. From the one-tune-a-week origin of and managing an online community to the richness and value of constancy. AND we have the first ever Blarney Pilgrims mention of Scullion. (What took us so long?) Beautiful.

Jeremy plays the following tunes:
Junior Crehan's (Jig)
The Pipe on the Hob
The Boys of Malin
Kitty Lie Over / Munster Buttermilk

Jeremy's brilliant, build-your-own-podcast thingy is here:

Jeremy's website, where you'll find a load of interesting, diverse, thought-provoking treats:

And of course, everyone should also visit The Session at if you haven't already.

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Right that's it, enjoy!
Darren & Dom


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