Darren, Dominic, Uncle Leo and Sean Mathews

Episode 42 · March 24th, 2020 · 1 hr 31 mins

About this Episode

An unexpected journey in the company of Darren, Dom, Dom's Uncle Leo, Sean Matthews and the bean an tí in Carberry's, Drogheda.

With the world full of strangeness at the minute, it seems apt that we'd find ourselves chatting about all sorts of unexpected things in this week's episode: unaccompanied singing as Mount Kilimanjaro; the people who gave us our first taste of Irish music; searching for your own voice; Take The Floor, Bowie, Aztec Camera and The Raggle Taggle Gypsy. Sneaking the remote control away from your dozing dad. And probably the greatest heckle ever, from an Oban bar on New Years Night circa 1997.

As we mention in the second intro after our first intro to this episode, we welcome any suggestions for cool ways to keep talking to musicians over the next few months. So please drop us a line via Facebook or Patreon and we'll get right back to you. And as always, thanks to everybody for continuing to listen.

Keep in touch, and watch yourselves,

Darren and Dom