Rob Zielinski Interview (Fiddle)

Episode 40 · March 10th, 2020 · 1 hr 16 mins

About this Episode

Today's episode is, in part, the story of Rob's friendship with the Donegal fiddle player, Mick Doherty. It's the story of Rob's quest to both learn the music and preserve something of Mick's playing for posterity. It's about playing with sweetness and 'thundering out the tunes.' About accidental discoveries and epiphanies. And it's about learning and teaching with generosity in your heart.

It's a beautiful story from Perth to Donegal and back again.

In this episode Rob plays:

Black Mare of Fannett / The Yellow Heifer
Mickey Mor's March / Corn Rigs
Brays of Mass / Untitled Mick Doherty Tune
Bush On The Hill / Jackson's Morning

As mentioned in the interview, Kevin Bradley of The National Library of Australia recorded over 5 hours of interviews with Mick Doherty back in 2008. You can listen to the 5 interviews in full here:

You can buy Mick and Rob's album "Out West" here:

Also thank you to Boxwood Australia 2020 for bringing Rob's to Victoria. You can find out more about Boxwood Australia here: Boxwood Australia was made possible with support from Culture Ireland, promoting Irish arts worldwide.

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