Barry Kerr Interview (Uilleann pipes, flute, singing)

Episode 85 · January 17th, 2021 · 1 hr 19 mins

About this Episode

The Liam O'Flynn Award. Digging into the Irish Traditional Music Archive. Ulster hunting songs and mummers. Hare coursing. Life in Lurgan County Armagh. The Ceili House and legend of Seamus Tansey. Prehistoric cairns and building on the tradition. The magic of the session and finding inspiration in the music.

In this episode Barry Plays:

The Holy Trinity Reels: Clancy from Clare / The Rambles of Ennis / Master Rowesome’s
Of Sportsmen Bold
The Chicken Gone to Scotland / Unnamed tune from Fintan Vallely
Johnny Henry's

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Barry, thank you so much, this was a blast.


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