Shannon Heaton Interview (Flute)

Episode 65 · August 30th, 2020 · 1 hr 44 mins

About this Episode

A Belgian neighbour in Nigeria and a first encounter with the recorder and whistle; traditional music in Thailand and a global musical imagination; Maria Carey, melismatic singing, Paddy Tunney and the Ulster song tradition; Irish music with Chris and Aidan and John, and meeting Matt Molloy. Holding on to a singer so they don't drift away. Composing, teaching and podcasting, constructing a living in music. And, you know, heart and soul stuff - like hope.

So - as you'll know from the chat, Shannon's got a very generous amount of resources and content for players and non players alike. You can find it all through her website.

Shannon's podcast, Irish Music Stories, is here (it's great):

And if you're a social type you can follow Matt & Shannon Heaton's here:

And you can watch their YouTube channel here:

The tunes:

The Mountain Road and The Galway Rambler
The Belle of the South Shore (written for Weird Old Aunt Jane)
Where The Moorcocks Crow (from the singing of Paddy Tunney)
P. Joe Hayes Number 2, The Cottage in the Grove and The Mother and Child Reel (with Matt Heaton)
The Irish Washerwoman

This was a lovely experience, recording this episode. Early in the Boston morning for Shannon, late in the Barwon Heads night for us.

Thank you Shannon.


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