Sarah Wade Interview (Scottish Small Pipes, Recorder)

Episode 26 · December 4th, 2019 · 54 mins 47 secs

About this Episode

We never even got to the concertina. But we did cover a lot of other ground with Sarah, from learning to enjoy music and figuring out your identity as a musician to the temperament of reeds, the vicissitudes of recorders, baroque and early music and the early connectivity of Danish pipe bands. Lovely stuff.

Sarah plays the following tunes:
She Moved Through The Fair
followed by a a Danish song called (in English)

In The Depths of the Forest There's Calm and Peace,
followed by two hornpipes from the Scottish borders

Her second tune is the air to the Burns poem, A Man's A Man for A' That

The third tune is Greensleeves, which is usually creited to Henry VIII

and the last tune is

The Fairy Queen by Turlough O'Carolan

Thanks Sarah, that was awesome.

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