Paddy Fitzgerald Interview (Accordion, Lilting) - The Blarney Pilgrims Traditional Irish Music Podcast

Episode 14 · September 10th, 2019 · 1 hr 25 mins

About this Episode

When we started talking about creating a podcast, Paddy Fitzgerald's name was pretty much at the top of the list of people we knew we had to talk to. After months of planning we finally got the chance to sit down together and Paddy was every bit as charming and insightful as we'd imagined him to be.

Paddy, thanks so much. Not just for your time here in this podcast, but for the decades of dedication to the music, your kindness and your influence on countless players from all over the world.

For anyone that would like to follow Paddy, please keep an eye on the Last Jar's session page here:

Darren & Dom


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